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          โปร โม ชั่ น พนัน ออนไลน์

          GMB union is an organising and campaigning union for all workers.  

          You can contact GMB Union today by email on info@

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          A campaigning trade union

          Give our NHS heroes a proper pay increase

          Our NHS heroes don’t need a clap, a badge or even a snack box – they need a proper pay increase

          Full sick pay for social care workers now!

          No worker in social care should face the punishment of statutory sick pay of just £95.85 per week for doing the right thing.

          Please back our call for full sick pay for social care workers.

          Asda Equal Pay Audit Pledge

          Join GMB's call for Asda to carry out an equal pay audit and make their pay systems fair for all.

          Amazon workers are not robots

          600 ambulances have been called to Amazon warehouses in three years - billionaire boss Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, can afford to sort this out

          Get Active!

          GMB Union is organising and campaigning to make work better.

          Get involved in GMB Campaigns

          GMB union is an organising and campaigning union for all workers, based on our?GMB@Work?National Organising Strategy:?

          An organised GMB workplace is more than just a collection of individual members who happen to share the same employer. GMB’s concern is for more than simply recruitment. GMB's strength comes from building strong workplace organisation with good communication and active, involved members.?

          GMB Workplace Organising is about being good at recruitment, retention and representation. GMB's goal is the strongest possible GMB organisation in every workplace where GMB members are in control of GMB and set the agenda collectively, speaking with one voice. In these workplaces GMB Workplace Organisers know more than their employer does about who is coming and going and how the workplace is organised.?

          If you want to know more about?GMB@Work?please email?info@?

          Monaghan, Jolly and Henry Reports and GMB Safe Space

          GMB wants everything our union does to be open, inclusive and safe.
          An independent investigation into GMB culture has now concluded.
          Click here?to read the report and our statement - and for details of our Safe Space.
          Join us and become a GMB member today.
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